Pitta cleansing balm
Pitta cleansing balm
Pitta cleansing balm

Pitta cleansing balm

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Pitta Cleansing balm

An extremely gentle yet effective 2 in 1 Pitta cleansing balm and makeup remover with pink clay that completely dissolves makeup, environmental pollution and impurities, while reducing sensitivity and redness while strengthening the barrier.  Skin is calmed while being cleansed with vitamin-rich plant oils of Virgin Coconut, Jojoba, Apricot Kernel and Sweet Orange. Herbal infusions of cooling and soothing Neem, Manjistha and Rose keep your skin comforted.


Deep cleanse, remove all make-up and impurities while soothing the skin.


Skin looks clear, calm and soft and heat and sensitivity are banished.

Skin Type

Combination T-zone, sensitive, reactive, redness-prone, rosacea


Deep Cleansing – deeply yet gently cleanses without stripping to lift off the most stubborn makeup and environmental pollution and grime for clear and calm skin.


Soothing and nourishing – a nutritious skin food packed full of essential fatty acids, anti-oxidantfree radical scavengers and vitamins to calm sensitivity while boosting hydration to make your skin extremely soft and supple.


De-sensitising Mask Treatment – works immediately to as a pacifying mask treatment for long lasting comfort and hydration.


Clears and liberates – releases stress, emotional baggage and nervous tension from the day to create space for night-time rest and rejuvenation.


Extremely versatile – multi-tasking ‘three in one’ daily deep cleanser, make up remover, and soothing and calming mask treatment.


100% Active andconcentrated – devoid of water, fillers, emulsifiers and thickeners, every single ingredient is active in this waterless formula for incredible efficacy and long lasting value.


























Pitta cleansing balm