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5 hours · $625
Full spa day, everything 


Lou’s 15years of extensive experience working on the body along with dynamic knowledge and qualifications in modalities from Myotherapy, lymphatic drainage, skeletal mobilisations, deep fascia release, isometric stretching, kahuna, shiatsu, injury rehabilitation, myofascial cupping, reiki, oncology massage, chakra strengthening, pregnancy 1st/2nd/3rd trimester, postpartum, loss/miscarriage womb massage, scar tissue revision (breast removal/implant, c section) , nervous system and adrenals acupressure.
Ayurvedic and holistic treatments that form flowing effective care whilst deeply relaxation to mind and body. 

This is not a remedial treatment, the notion of remedy/healing says their is something to fix. The massage will be a all encompassing massage treatment that supports and strengthens you with no promise of remedy yet allowing you to feel freer, feel relief and evolve into a sense of deeper respect for your body’s ability. 

This treatment will give time for you to be.


2 hours, 15 mins · $275
A bespoke luxurious treatment to treat your skin and stresses. 

Organic Aika products, deep regenerative muscle work, buccal face lift , lymphatic drainage, vagus nerve nourishment, bespoke herbal infused masks as the decadent warm oil of the shirodhara stimulates the pineal gland, it truly transforms you to a state of tranquility, bliss and leaves you glowing from within. 

Inclusion of take home holistic elixir and a follow up revision treatment. 

All treatments are bespoke. 
Your experienced therapist will customise to suit and support oncology care, all stages of pregnancy, breastfeeding, ivf, sensitivity/allergies, men and beard care, and tailored to trauma/ptsd. 
You are in hands that hold extensive knowledge to ensure all of you is safe and cared for.


1 hour · $65
Be guided through a gratitude meditation and taught marma point massage, given a custom Ayurvedic herbal body paste for infusion in the sauna and cold water immersion. 

A journey of all things on offer. The luxury of time dedicated to you.