You are important.
Manifest success,
indulgent & deserving rest.

Allow 4 hours $370


Sauna + foot soak + sensory selections
Beginning with an S&C cactus body brushing to exfoliate, cleanse and stimulate. Warm obsidian + opal stones are used to comfort muscles in a flowing in tailored massage. Crushed flora, rose & chamomile combine with warming spices of cardamom and cinnamon creating a sensory scrub for circulation and soothing of the skin. You will then be coated in a cover of mineral rich clay. As you are cocooned, a shirodhara inspired scalp treatment connects body to mind. Thoughts to feeling.
Ayurvedic aika facial feeds your skin, guided by gua sha crystals and herbal elixirs, healing as you transcend into deeper rest.

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