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Allow 6hours

WHAT? - This is a day escape, a retreat 

WHY?? - Life, your body, mind, your soul works so hard. It deserves this chance of change, for all of you to rest, reset, retreat and reclaim your essence and energy. 

HOW? - Be led on a journey, incorporating mindfulness, meditation, movement, nourishment sourced and designed by our Naturopath to internally nutritionally guide you throughout this guided day of rest and repair. There will be hours of absolute tranquillity as your body is massaged, elevated and mind is inspired. You break for a light lunch then onto hours again passing/floating.. surrounding you in a cocoon of nature's finest clays, salts, herbs. A shirodhara ayvedic ritual takes you further to your restoration of self. Reveal yourself anew, rinse in our rain shower then redress. 

You've re-awakened a new sense of importance in yourself. Leave with profound symbols of your worth and further development.