Kapha deep cleanser
Kapha deep cleanser
Kapha deep cleanser

Kapha deep cleanser

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Kapha Deep Cleanser

A deeply detoxifying 2 in 1 cleansing balm and makeup remover with green clay that completely dissolves makeup, environmental pollution and impurities while decongesting pores. Aika’s Kapha Deep cleanser balances excess oil and helps to reduce breakouts. Skin is detoxified with vitamin-rich plant oils of Hemp, Jojoba, Castor and Lime. Herbal infusions of detoxifying and invigorating Eucalyptus, Dandelion and Tulsi refine and refresh your skin.


Deep cleanse, remove all make-up and impurities while reducing blemishes.


Skin looks refined and refreshed, pores are minimised and puffiness reduced.

Skin Type

Normal to oily, congested, blemish-prone, acne, blackheads


Deep Cleansing – deeply yet gently cleanses without stripping to lift off the most stubborn makeup and environmental pollution and grime for clear and blemish free skin.


Decongesting and clarifying – a nutritious skin food packed full of essential fatty acids, anti-oxidantfree radical scavengers and vitamins to balance oil production and refine pores to make your skin extremely soft and clear.


Detoxifying Mask Treatment – active and instantly effective as a purifying and decongesting mask treatment for a deeply cleansed and clear complexion.


Clears and liberates – releases stress, emotional baggage and nervous tension from the day to create space for night-time rest and rejuvenation.


Extremely versatile – multi-tasking ‘three in one’ daily deep cleanser, make up remover and detoxifying and refining mask.


100% Active andconcentrated – devoid of water, fillers, emulsifiers and thickeners, every single ingredient is active in this waterless formula for incredible efficacy and long lasting value.



















Kapha deep cleanser